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Personal Injury

Road Traffic Accidents

Accidents can happen however careful you may be.  There is a legal requirement that all drivers are insured. Your insurance will cover you for any claims made against you and, in the case of comprehensive insurance, will cover you for the replacement or repair of your own vehicle even if the accident was your own fault.  However, you cannot insure yourself for your injuries and other losses, such as loss of earnings and damage to clothing or property in your car.  These are called “uninsured losses” and your Solicitor will help you to get compensation for these from the insurers of the vehicle at fault.   Even if you were partly to blame for the accident, or if the other driver was not insured or cannot be traced, you should receive some compensation . 

Accidents at Work

These happen for many reasons - faulty equipment, inadequate training or carelessness on the part of a colleague, for example.  Remember that your employer should have insurance which covers him/her for any claim you may make.  If you do make a claim, you are making it against your employer’s insurance company and it should not affect your status at work.  



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