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Guide to Our Services

Have you been appointed someone's executor?
Administration of Estates

Has a Public Body behaved badly towards you or not conducted its business in accordance with correct procedures?
Administrative Law

Are you thinking of retiring and do you want to sell your business?

Are you thinking of moving your business into premises where you will need to sign a lease?
Commercial leases

Do you want to buy or sell a house?

Do you want to sell the shares in your limited company?

Have you been injured in an assault, explosion or fire? 
Criminal Injury

Has your private or business property been damaged as a result of vandalism or arson?
Criminal Damage

Does someone owe you or your business money?
Debt Collection 

Are you getting a divorce?

Has some medical treatment you have received made your condition worse?
Medical Negligence

Were you injured in a road traffic accident?
Personal Injury

Do you want to make a will?

Are you thinking of retiring and do you want to try and avoid paying Inheritance tax?
Tax Planning


Or you can e-mail us directly at solicitors@sheldon-stewart.co.uk