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Do you run a business (small or large) which you want to sell?  Perhaps you have been trading successfully for years and are coming up to retirement.  The time may have come to realise your assets.  

The Agreement for the sale of a business may need to provide for a range of matters such as the amount of the sale price; how it might be altered; the assets that are to be included; whether you are going to stay on as a consultant and whether you are going to be allowed to set up in business again and if so in what circumstances.

All of these things need to be covered in the form of Agreement.  At the same time it will be normal to deal with your business premises.  Is there a lease to assign or premises to be sold, or will the purchaser move elsewhere?

In addition consideration will have to be given to your employees and what happens to them.

The same questions may well have to be asked in reverse if you wish to purchase a business.  You don't want to buy a pig in a poke!


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