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Administration of Estates

If a relation or someone you know has died you may have a duty to wind up their estate.  There are, of course, many cases where this does not present a great problem although the task can be a bit daunting.  

Sometimes there may be problems about whether any, and if so, how much inheritance tax has to be paid. 

Arrangements may need to be made so that a Grant of Probate can be applied for.  The application for the Grant itself is not necessarily difficult but can be complicated if executors have died, or if the person who has died used different names at different times, or didn't leave a will but had relatives in New Zealand or America. 

 All the property and assets of the person who has died need to be got in and administered in accordance with the will and the law.  Anyone who has a duty to administer an estate needs to be sure it is done properly 



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